[GRRN] Campus Coke Alert

Bill Sheehan (zerowaste@grrn.org)
Sat, 6 Nov 1999 04:47:30 -0500

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November 4, 1999

The Coca-Cola Company promised in 1990 to use recycled
plastic in soft drink bottles sold in the US. Now, almost 10 years
later, Coca-Cola sells more than 25 million soda bottles in the US
every day. Despite the misleading recycling symbol stamped on
the bottom of each bottle, none contains recycled plastic. For
every bottle not recycled, the plastics industry extracts more non-
renewable resources and spews more hazardous emissions.
Demand that Coke take back its plastic bottles and use the
material again -- like they do in other countries. If Coke closed
the loop and made bottles with recycled plastic, it would reduce
pollution and strengthen markets for recycled soda bottle plastic.
The concept is simple: producers must take responsibility for
products and packaging.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Join campuses across the country by
protesting Coke's destructive practices and decade-long lies
during the National Day of Action on November 15. Mail used
plastic soda bottles back to Coca-Cola! Send your own used
bottles or scavenge discarded bottles. Tape the mailing label on
back to a clean, empty plastic Coke bottle, add 55 cents postage,
and mail-away. Hold a great fundraiser by asking passersby for a
dollar to send a bottle back to Coke. Write an opinion piece for
your campus newspaper, or poster Coke machines on campus.
Find an Activist Kit with fact sheets, mailing labels for bottle send-
backs, sample letters, model press releases, and organizing tip
sheets at http://www.grrn.org/coca-cola.html. Call Coca-Cola at
800.571.2653 or email CEO Douglas Ivester at