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Wed, 3 Nov 1999 16:56:41 -0800

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The City of Oakland is hiring a Sustainable Development Coordinator to work
in its economic development agency to "implement an integrated program to
make Oakland a model for environmentally sustainable development and
practices." The following information is taken from the City's website

Planner IV

(Selective Certification Optional)

Open Recruitment
All qualified
individuals may
Closing Date
November 24, 1999 at
Salary/Work Week
$5,047 -
37.5-hour work week
Civil Service Status
Classified (Job Code
Emergency Response Zone
Does not apply to
this position

The Position

The City of Oakland is recruiting for qualified
individuals to fill two
Planner IV positions in the Community and Economic
Agency (CEDA). Both positions offer an exciting
opportunity for
experienced planning professionals to participate
in shaping the future of

Selective Certifications

Planner IV - Customer Service Coordinator - This
position is within
the Zoning Division of CEDA and has primary
responsibility for the
supervision and daily operation of customer
service at the zoning
counter, including pre-application meetings and
preliminary project
review. The incumbent will play a key role in
revamping the
development permit process to improve customer
service and be
involved at a senior level in project review. The
ideal candidate will have
superior customer service, management and
technical skills; will be
innovative and creative in finding new ways to
improve customer service
and have strong interpersonal skills necessary to
manage staff effectively,
work with other departments, and work with the
public within a high
stress environment. This position requires
experience administering all
aspects of current planning and development and
design review
functions in an area with a diverse built
environment, including working
with and administering complex regulations and an
understanding of
construction techniques and permit review process.

Typical duties may include, but are not limited to
the following:

Supervise, train and evaluate subordinate
staff; establish work
programs for assigned staff, outline
technical approaches and

Plan, coordinate, direct and prepare complex
projects and
studies, including permit processing, current
planning projects and
special studies.

Draft ordinances, resolutions and reports for
presentation to the
City Council, Planning Commission and other

Act as technical advisor with a field of
specialization to City staff,
public agencies and members of the public.

Handle complaints and answer questions from
the public
regarding planning and zoning issues.

Planner IV - Sustainable Development Coordinator -
This position
is within the Planning Department in CEDA and is
responsible for
implementing an integrated program to make Oakland
a model for
environmentally sustainable development and
practices. The focus will
be a) to assist City agencies in integrating
state-of-the-art pollution
prevention, waste minimization, energy efficiency,
and "smart growth"
practices in City operations, services and
projects, and b) to assist
existing and prospective Oakland businesses in
adopting pollution
prevention, waste minimization, energy efficiency
and in returning
brownfields to productive reuse. The ideal
candidate will have expertise
in an array of environmentally sustainable
strategies and practices. This
position requires experience in program start-up
and management,
writing grant proposals and administration of
grant funded projects, as
well as, possession of excellent communication

Typical duties may include, but are not limited to
the following:

Supervise, train and evaluate subordinate

Develop and implement training programs on
development policies and procedures.

Coordinate the environmental planning program
for the City;
facilitate an inter-agency task force to
develop action plans and
implementation mechanisms for sustainable
programs; secure and analyze Environmental
Impact Reports;
make determinations of environmental impact
of projects; present
findings to the Planning Commission and other

Draft ordinances, resolutions and reports for
presentation to the
City Council, Planning Commission and
community organizations.

Identify and research grant opportunities and
other funding
mechanisms; draft and submit proposals to
fund pilot projects in
the areas of green business assistance and
green design review.

Make presentations to the City Council, City
Commission, neighborhood groups and

Coordinate and assist in the preparation of
long-range plans with
City departments and public agencies; assist
City agencies in
developing quantifiable objectives for
sustainable development

Act as technical advisor with a field of
specialization to City staff,
public agencies and members of the public.

Minimum Requirements for Application

Any combination of experience and education that
would demonstrate
possession of the required knowledge and abilities
may be qualifying. A
typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities
would be:

Education: Bachelor's degree from an accredited
college or university
in planning, architecture, landscape architecture,
environmental services
or a related field. A Master's degree in city or
urban planning is highly
desirable and may be substituted for one year of

Experience: Five years progressively responsible
work experience in
urban planning. Experience in municipal government
is highly desirable.

Knowledge of: Theories, concepts and principles of
urban planning,
urban design and land use; federal, state and
local laws, regulations and
codes governing planning and zoning; research and
methodology; principles and practices of
sustainable development;
computer systems and applications; public speaking
principles and
practices; public contact and community relations;
principles of
supervision and staff development.

Ability to: Plan, organize, direct and evaluate
complex projects;
interpret federal and state regulations pertaining
to city planning and land
use; handle stressful and sensitive situations
with tact and diplomacy;
coordinate functions and activities between
department and outside
agencies; communicate effectively in both oral and
written form; prepare
reports, proposals and other written materials;
supervise, train and
evaluate assigned staff; and establish and
maintain effective work
relationships with those contacted in the
performance of required duties.

License/Certificates: Incumbents in this job are
expected to operate
automotive vehicles in the performance of assigned
duties. Due to
assignments and hours worked, public
transportation may not be an
efficient method for traveling to required
locations. Individuals appointed
will be required to maintain a valid California
Driver's License while
employed or demonstrate the ability to travel to
required locations in a
timely manner.

The Selection Process

Stage I The first stage in the selection process
will consist of an
application and supplemental questionnaire
appraisal (weighted
pass/fail). Applications submitted without a
supplemental questionnaire will not be given
consideration. Meeting the minimum qualifications
does not guarantee
advancement to Stage II. Only the most suitably
qualified candidates will
be invited to Stage II.

Stage II The second stage will consist of an oral
interview (weighted
100%), which may include a practical exercise.

The City of Oakland reserves the right to modify
the selection process
as necessary to conform to administrative or
business necessity.
Candidates must achieve a scale score of 70 or
more on this
examination to be placed on the eligible list for

Date of Examination

Applicants will be notified by mail after the
final filing date regarding their
status in the selection process.

How To Apply

City of Oakland application documents may be
obtained in person or by
sending a self-addressed stamped envelope and a
request to: Office of
Personnel Resource Management (OPRM), Employment
Office, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 2nd Floor,
Oakland, CA
94612-2019. Application information is also
available on the Internet at
www.oaklandnet.com; click on City Jobs.

The City of Oakland is an EEO/AA/ADA Employer.
Please read the City of
Oakland's Employment Information Pamphlet prior to
applying for a position with
the City of Oakland.

Kathy Riley: (510) 238-4480


Opens: 10/25/99

Closes: 11/24/99

t:\community & economic dev\planner

City of Oakland

Planner IV

Supplemental Questionnaire

The purpose of this supplemental questionnaire is
to assess your
qualifications, training and experience in
specific job related areas. Your
answers to these questions, along with your
completed application will
be used to select the most suitably qualified
candidates to advance to
Stage II of the selection process. Please sign the
Certification of
Applicant, respond to the supplemental questions
and return along with
your application to: City of Oakland, Office of
Personnel Resource
Management, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 2nd Floor,
Oakland, CA

All application materials are due in OPRM by 5:00
P.M. on the final
filing date of the recruitment. Postmarks are not
accepted. Applications
submitted without a completed supplemental
questionnaire will not be

Certification Of Applicant

I understand that all information provided herein
is subject to
verification, and is true to the best of my


(Signature) (Date)

Supplemental Questions

Respond to each of the following questions on a
separate sheet of
paper. Please describe your specific experience as
completely as
possible, but limit your response to eight 8 =" by
11" pages
(approximately = page to 1= pages per question).
Responses must be
legible; typewritten responses are preferred.
Although this supplemental
questionnaire will be reviewed in tandem with your
other application
documents, please specify the organization or
jurisdiction for which you
worked and the name and address of a supervisor
who can verify the
information that you have submitted.

1.Please indicate if you are interested in:

o Customer Service Coordinator

o Sustainable Development Coordinator

Candidates seeking selective certification as
Service Coordinator must answer the

2.Describe your experience in supervising the
provision of customer
service in a public sector environment.
Please include the
professional or personal attributes that you
believe make you
qualified to assume this leadership role with
the City of Oakland.
3.Describe your experience in the administration
of the zoning
permit and development permit review
processes. Please be
specific regarding the tasks you performed,
supervision of staff
and the level of independent judgment
exercised in performing
these duties.
4.Describe the approach you feel is the most
effective in
coordinating development project review
between multiple
agencies or departments.
5.Please describe an innovative idea or
suggestion that you
spearheaded in the past to improve the
effectiveness or efficiency
of a work process or procedure.

Candidates seeking selective certification as
Development Coordinator must answer the

6.Please describe your experience in the

a.Implementing staff training on pertinent
sustainable development
issues, practices and policies.
b.Implementing a strategic fund raising effort
through researching
grant opportunities.
c.Developing sustainable development pilot
projects in areas such
as green business assistance and green
d.Preparing public agency reports and making
presentations before
public agencies, professional groups and
community groups.

1.Briefly describe your experience and expertise
in areas related to
sustainable development, including energy
efficiency, land use,
pollution prevention, recycling and green
building practice.
2.Describe how you would approach the
development of
quantifiable sustainable development
objectives for the City of
Oakland, including a discussion of how these
objectives would be
used to set goals, measure progress and
evaluate the program.
(Please be brief and keep your response to
one page).