[GRRN] Pulverized Paper

Wed, 3 Nov 1999 13:50:23 EST

Dear List Monitors et al.:

Does anyone have any experience with using pulverized (beyond shredded) paper
as a mulch or as a home-composted feedstock. Should someone using pulverized
white office paper with toner etc. be concerned about trace elements or other

My guess would be (dependent on toner chemistry) that it would be O.K. to
use, and if one were concerned they could 1) use only on non-food
(ornamentals and trees) plants; 2) make sure it was thoroughly composted (as
much as possible in the average backyard system); and/or 3) limit use to
occasional rather than daily.

I don't know why the paper isn't being recycled, perhaps the pulverizing
(sensitive/confidential documents) renders the fibers to short?? Also I can't
confirm if the quantity generated is sufficient to warrant separate

Any insight (particularly from gardeners) appreciated.

Matthew Cotton
Integrated Waste Management Consulting
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Nevada City, CA 95959
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