[GRRN] (Fwd) Re: zinc-carbon battery recycling

John Reindl (reindl@co.dane.wi.us)
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 08:13:37 -0600

Hi ~

Sorry for the cross postings, but if anyone can help these students out,
they would greatly appreciate a response at
<color><param>0000,0000,8000</param><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param>A.S.deGroot@student.tudelft.nl


John Reindl, Recycling Manager

Dane County, WI</color><FontFamily><param>Arial</param>


> > We are two second year students of the applied earth sciences faculty

> > in Delft, the Netherlands. We have to do a case study about the

> > recycling of zinc-carbon batteries. We would appreciate if you could

> > send us some information about the proces, the costs, the flow sheets,

> > mass and energy balances and pros and cons of this method. We hope

> > that you can help us. Yours sincerely, Annemarie de Groot </color>Mariska

> > IJsselstijn<color><param>0000,0000,0000</param>

Please s</color>end reply to A.S.deGroot@student.tudelft.nl

(608)267-1533 - fax
(608)267-8815 - phone