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Nashville has the Community Resource Center. It is a clearinghouse for
donated materials to nonprofits, and handles an amazing volume of material.
For years it functioned strictly as a clearinghouse and expediter, then got
a warehouse. Its orientation has always been social-services more than
waste reduction; when I served for a time on the Board about ten years ago,
I advocated for the organization presenting itself as an environmental
benefit as well, don't know how far in that direction they may have gone. I
no longer have contact information there, but it was founded by my friend
Wendy Kurland & I believe she's serving on the Board again. Her email
address is

-Connie Cloak

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I have a friend who is interested in starting a business that would collect
used stuff-- office equipment, furniture and supplies; machinery; pallets,
etc-- from commercial businesses, manufacturers, and institutions. His
idea is to warehouse it and sell it from there to small businesses,
non-profits, etc. he already does similar work, primarily with machinery
and suplus stock and without a warehouse, but has realized that he's only
getting the tip of the iceburg and that tons of good stuff are getting
thrown away. He is looking for models of similar businesses. I referred
him to urban ore and materials for the arts and goodwill. Anyone have any
other ideas on models-- either for profit or not for profit-- and any
thoughts on the business idea as a whole? Thanks.

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