[GRRN] Coke campus boycott

Eric S Johnson (topsoil@indra.com)
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 12:35:35 -0600 (MDT)

While it would be imprudent to _ignore_ the beneficial steps Coke has
taken, I disagree that we should somehow 'take it easy' on this company.

It has been _years_ since Coke's pledge to use recycled material in their
PET bottles. Coke has reneged on its word, pure and simple.

Folks, these days profit in our society
_primarily_comes_at_net_cost_to_the_Earth. We ought not apologize, nor
hold back in any way, in asking corporations (and other individuals and
entities) to do more for the planet.

Bottom line? We live in a time that is likely to be one of the
largest mass extinctions in the history of the planet. Overconsumption in
highly-developed countries is _the_ major cause. And rather
than corporations listening to nice requests (Coke's response to nice
requests is evidenced by their glacial response to keeping their word on
recycled PET content), they seem to be very responsive to consumer

Until coke cleans up its act, on with the boycott!!

Eric Johnson
Boulder, CO