[GRRN] Global Warming - Measuring Recycling/Reduction's Effect

Bill Sheehan (zerowaste@grrn.org)
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 02:00:26 -0400

[Forwarded from another list, msg. by Rob Grogan]

At NRC Cincinnati, the USEPA, the Tellus Institute and the
National Association of Counties presented a session on "Solid
Waste Management and the Greenhouse Effect." They provided
information on how recycling and waste prevention has a
powerful effect in reducing generation of greenhouse gasses.
For example, with the help of the EPA's "WARM" software, I
calculated that our campus's collective recycling efforts last year
led to a reduction of greenhouse gasses equivalent to the
average emissions of 915 cars in one year! This has not only
given us a new environmental benefit of recycling to proclaim, but
brought us directly into the vigorous conversations on our
campus about measuring (and reducing) the greenhouse gas
emissions from utilities and transportation. We can play a major
role in reducing the greenhouse effect through recycling and
waste prevention! That's a shot in the arm for our program and
our whole industry!

The EPA website, where you can download the "WARM"
software, is at this address:



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