Re: greenyes-d Digest V99 #306

Moore Recycling (
Wed, 13 Oct 99 09:45:43 +0100

I most heartily support Eric Johnson's suggestion. I feel it is very rude
to attach a large document to a list serve message about which others may
or may not be interested. Hear Hear Eric!
Patty Moore
>Regarding the 77 kilobyte attached document on the SF Environment
>Commission, I'd like to question whether it's a good use of 'net bandwidth
>or email server hard drive space (to say nothing of greenyes readers'
>time) to send attachments like this.
>I'd like suggest that if it's necessary to communicate with
>large files, that those wishing to do so simply post them on the web and
>refer readers to the file(s) with the proper URL?
>Eric Johnson