[GRRN] Waste Management

RecycleWorlds (anderson@msn.fullfeed.com)
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:55:25 -0500

Waste Management's stock closed at 17-11/16 on Friday!

That's a 70% drop in the five months since its 60 point high on May 1st.

Also, the word is that the board has retained 124 independent auditors to
scour the books to find out what's really going out in the field. Not they
necessarily want to find out what's been going on, but the pummelling that
the Street is giving their stock is a message that management has to
restore investor's shattered confidence if it ever wants to see it's stock
rise again.

But, it's a no win situation, because the word back from those auditors
will very likely reveal more time bombs. The only thing that the Board
must feel that until they take that hit, they can never rise again.

The question is whether the company will be able to survive that hit.

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