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FYI, re zero waste's international dimension. / bill s.

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Hi Bill and Paul,
I'd like to forward this announcement to a listserve we maintain for people
in Third World countries who are fighting incinerators but many won't have
the funds to purchase it. I am wondering if you can offer a discount for
groups in third world countries or if you don't want to deal with the
postage, perhaps we could work out a deal where we buy some from you for
cost and we send it to interested folks overseas. What do you think?

Annie Leonard
Multinationals Resource Center

>ZERO WASTE: Impossible Dream or Realistic Goal?
>60-minute video co-produced by Dr. Paul Connett and The GrassRoots
>Recycling Network; filmed and edited by Paul Connett
>This video contains interviews with a dozen recycling experts,
>overlaid with lots of interesting stills and video snips. It conveys a
>sense of excitement, immediacy and practicality about recycling, reuse,
>deconstruction, sustainability and zero waste.
>This video is perfect for local elected officials, policy makers,
>recyclers and grassroots activists looking for alternatives to local
>landfill or incinerator proposals - and to citizens who want to
>understand the new vision for the recycling movement: zero waste.
>Price: $25 postage paid ($10 for students and local grassroots
>activists). Order from GrassRoots Recycling Network, P.O. Box 49283,
>Athens GA 30604-9283; Tel: 706-613-7121; zerowaste@grrn.org.