[GRRN] Fwd:Environmental video footage requested from City Watch

Thu, 7 Oct 1999 18:02:12 -0700

Chris, Please send to COE list. Thanks, Tamara

Dear Environmentalists,

I am writing to let you know about a great opportunity for environmental
organizations to get additional exposure and profile specific issues to a=
audience. San Francisco's City Watch station, Channel 54, would like to =
environmental issues and has asked the Department of the Environment to e=
this request to San Francisco's environmental community. =

Please forward any Super VHS video footage you would like to have aired o=
n San
Francisco's City Watch station to the Department of the Environment at 15=
Market St. Suite 160, San Francisco, CA 94102. It could be anything from =
footage to environmentally related meeting coverage to Public Service
Announcements for your organization. We will then submit it to the statio=
Please let us know if you need your videos returned =96 Channel 54 has of=
fered to
make copies.

Please feel free to contact Tamara Shulman at 554.6390 if you have any


Francesca Vietor
Executive Director, Department of the Environment

cc. City Watch