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Wed, 29 Sep 1999 09:56:07 EDT

In a message dated 9/29/99 6:02:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time,=20 writes:<< Are you aware of any governmen=
or private sector efforts designed to take back residential systems? >> In=20
the New York City area, at least:=20
Computers and Other Office Equipment
=B7 Computers for Africa; telephone: (212) 608-2150; email:=20; accepts IBM 486=92s and 586=92s in working order
=B7 Material for the Arts; telephone: (212) 255-5924, accepts complete compu=
systems only and office equipment
=B7 Non-Profit Computing; telephone: (212) 759-2368, accepts a variety of=20
computers and office equipment
=B7 Robin Hood Foundation; telephone: (212) 227-6601, accepts IBM 486=92s an=
586=92s in working order