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Henry Jeanes (
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 14:26:01 -0600

Moving a step beyond article quotes on regional tipping fees in the =
country and at what level is C&D diversion sustainable, what would really =
help at this time is a good conversion factor for cubic yards of C&D to =
lbs. This is critical because so many regions still use cubic yards as =
how they charge tipping fees including our county landfill. If you =
assume 600 lbs per cubic yard of C&D, then a 40 yarder weighs 24,000 lbs =
or 12 tons. At our bargin basement prices of $4.55 a cubic yard, that is =
about $182 to tip 12 tons or about $15/ton. So, besides this long being =
understood as far too cheap to spur higher C&D recovery, what is a good =
conversion factor for an average load of C&D? We have tried to get the =
regional haulers here to weigh a load on a scale but without success. =20

Henry Jeanes
City of Fort Collins

>>> "Bantillo, Stephen" <> 09/23/99 06:08PM =
A less recent article by Ms. Anne Claire Broughton in "Recycling Today"
March 1999, page 66 quotes a Mr. Kopp (of Kopp Crushing, Anaheim, CA),
"There is still a lot of C&D debris being landfilled in this area, says
Kopp, due to the low cost of disposal. County and private landfills =
around $20 to $40 a ton for most material, and $75 a ton for material that
is hard to handle."

Could this be your thinking?

Stephen Bantillo
City of San Jose, CA

From: Henry Jeanes
To: multiple recipients of
Subject: Re: Magazine article on C&D Recycling
Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 12:08PM

There was a recent article in the May/June 1999 MSW Management by Charles
Bader that was relatively comprehensive on C&D Wastes. A quick glance did
not show me the $40 / quote you looking for but you may want to look at =
article anyway.

Henry Jeanes
City of Fort Collins

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