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See the web site about about energy efficient vending machines:
-Debra Lombard

RecycleWorlds wrote:

> Incredible...what's been happening in SF on the political front that's made
> this possible...I had gotten call last week that i had passed on to rick
> from a staff suggesting a new leadership appointment.
> Can we make it a bit nastier (gently), but adding an additional provision
> that vending machines on city property will only include beverages in
> containers with more than 25% recycled content. We need to move past blah
> blah resolutions to begin attacking market share so that it is perceived to
> hurt by investors!
> Peter
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> Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999 4:50 AM
> Subject: San Francisco Coke Resolution Passes Commission Unanimously
> [The San Francisco Environment Commisssion
> joins a growing list of cities, counties and public
> bodies tired of paying for Coke's waste.
> Some of the other resolution are posted on our
> web site. For a Local Government Action Kit,
> please contact GRRN. We will also
> have kits available at the GRRN booth (#341)
> at the NRC Congress in Cincinnati next week.]
> DRAFT Resolution No. 009-99-COE
> September 21, 1999
> WHEREAS, the City and County of San Francisco
> has long promoted the use of reusable and
> recycled products through its purchasing
> practices, educational efforts, and policy
> initiatives; and
> WHEREAS, approximately 793,000 tons of solid
> waste are currently being landfilled each year
> by the community of San Francisco; and
> WHEREAS, the cost of collecting and landfilling
> those wastes are estimated at $100 million
> annually; and
> WHEREAS, the City and County of San Francisco
> is charged with achieving the goals of
> reducing, reusing and recycling 50% of all
> solid waste by year 2000 and 75% by 2010; and,
> WHEREAS, in 1989 the City and County of San
> Francisco instituted residential curbside
> collection and recycling of PET (polyethylene
> terephthalate) plastic soda bottles; and,
> WHEREAS, the City and County of San Francisco
> recycles less than 2% of the 85 million pounds
> of plastic used each year; and
> WHEREAS, in 1992 plastics occupied more than
> 20% of landfill space nationwide, and that by
> the year 2000 plastics will occupy more than a
> quarter of landfill space nationwide; and
> WHEREAS, in 1990 the Coca-Cola Company
> voluntarily committed to using recycled PET in
> their containers; and
> WHEREAS, in 1995 the Coca-Cola Company reversed
> itself and made the decision to stop using
> recycled plastic bottles and consequently
> increase its use of virgin, non-recycled PET
> plastic, and moved away from the use of easily
> recyclable glass, and aluminum for their
> containers; and
> WHEREAS, FDA-approved technology exists today
> to incorporate recycled PET into new beverage
> containers, and proven technology for
> refillable plastic bottles also exists, and in
> fact both of these processes are being done by
> Coca-Cola itself in many countries throughout
> the world; and
> WHEREAS, the use of recycled PET in the
> production of beverage containers would have an
> enormous positive impact on the value of
> recycled PET; now, therefore be it
> RESOLVED, that the Commission on the
> Environment urges the Board of Supervisors and
> the Mayor of the City and County of San
> Francisco to write a letter to the Coca-Cola
> Company urging it to use recycled PET in their
> bottles, thereby closing the recycling loop,
> and thereby returning a measure of
> profitability to the operations of our nation's
> public and private recycling programs;
> and, be it
> FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Commission on the
> Environment urges the Board of Supervisors and
> the Mayor of the City and County of San
> Francisco to call upon Coca-Cola to commit to
> the introduction of refillable soda bottles
> into the U.S. market, similar to those in use
> by Coca-Cola in other countries, and to commit
> to the sale of 5% of its packaged soft drinks
> in such refillable containers in the U.S. by
> year 2003; and, be it
> FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Commission on the
> Environment urges the Board of Supervisors and
> the Mayor of the City and County of San
> Francisco to work with Coca-Cola and with other
> beverage manufacturers to successfully achieve
> these goals.
> I hereby verify that this resolution was
> adopted by the Commission on the Environment at
> its special regular meeting of September 21,
> 1999.
> _______________________
> Christopher Chow
> Commission Secretary
> Ayes: Commissioners Bingham, Bradford-Bell,
> Evans, Hayes, and Shah.
> Noes: None.
> Absent: Commissioners Chang and Werbe.
> Randall Hayes, President
> Rebecca Evans
> Shelley Bradford-Bell, Vice
> The Rev. Sally G. Bingham
> Robert K. Werbe
> Patricia Chang
> 1540 Market Street, Suite 160
> San Francisco, California 94102
> Telephone (415) 554-6390
> Fax (415) 554-6393
> E-Mail: Environment@
> Web:
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