[GRRN] Nuclear threat in South Africa and abroad....

Muna Lakhani (muna@iafrica.com)
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 16:32:53 +0200

Greetings from the Rainbow nation!

Dear friends...

You will be equally as dismayed as myself, when you hear that our
electricity utility, ESKOM, is planning 10 Pebble Bed Modular (nuclear)
Reactors in our country... this technology failed in Germany, but we
stand the danger of having it shoved down our throats... they also plan
to export these reactors in the future, so the threat is truly global...

Please could anyone with info on these reactors, or those requiring
information, contact me, as well as those who may have information about
Demand side management of electricity utilisation... we are beginning a
campaign against the nukes, and you support would be most valuable - if
you, or your organisation, wishes to show their support, please be so
kind as to mail me..

in anticipation of your kind support,

your African brother,