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It seems to me with the offgassing of chemicals from plastic containers into
the liquids stored in the containers that no one would really want to drink
beverages out of plastic anyway. To me, all drinks taste better in a nice
cold glass.

RecycleWorlds wrote:

> According to 9/10 Plastics News ("Miller mulls future of PET beer bottles
> by Frank Esposito): "Miller Brewing Co. will decide on a direction for its
> PET beer bottle
> program by the end of October... Miller, which ranks as the
> second-largest
> brewer in the United States, began test-marketing PET bottles
> in retail locations in 10 markets late last year. The company
> added bar sales in five states earlier this year.
> Retail markets targeted were Charlotte, N.C.; Richmond and
> Norfolk, Va.; Miami; Dallas/Fort Worth; San Antonio; Los
> Angeles; Phoenix/Tucson; Raleigh, N.C.; Cleveland; and Las
> Vegas. Bar sales were added in Delaware, New Jersey,
> Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maryland.
> Plastic-bottled beer also has been sold at sports and music
> venues in those markets and others across the country.
> "'We expect to make a decision as to if we´ll go beyond these
> test markets, or what our next step will be,' said Miller
> spokesman Scott Bussen.
> Miller´s decision will be based on sales and response from
> consumers and retailers, Bussen said.
> "...Anheuser-Busch Cos. suspended testing of its own PET beer
> bottle because
> of what the firm described as 'limited consumer interest.'
> Anheuser-Busch launched retail tests in convenience stores
> in Dallas and Phoenix in March. 'We have no specific plans
> to reintroduce plastic bottles at
> this time,' said Charles Pool, environmental and consumer
> affairs director at Anheuser-Busch. 'But that´s not to say
> we´re not still looking at environmental issues that could
> affect that program or that (plastic bottling) is something
> that
> we´re not inclined to do.'
> In Dallas and Phoenix, plastic bottles of Budweiser and Bud
> Light beer were sold next to their glass and can counterparts,
> but were priced about 30 percent higher. Miller´s plastic
> alternatives are priced at close to the same levels as its
> standard glass and can products.
> Miller said in April that demand for its plastic bottles was
> more than the company could accommodate.
> To date, Miller has not used any post-consumer PET in its
> plastic bottles, but Bussen said the company remains
> committed to using the material. Lab testing has given Miller
> hope that it can one day exceed 20 percent post-consumer
> content in its bottles."
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