[GRRN] Waste not

James Simpson (jcam8@hotmail.com)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 08:24:05 PDT

Dear Mr. Ivestor,

I've read with dismay that Coca Cola, with you at its helm, produces
ever-increasing amounts of waste, all for profit's sake. By disregarding the
natural and the human environment in which you operate, you alienate both.

I refuse to support Coca Cola products in any way until I see a massive and
clear commitment on your company's part to use recyclable and recyled
materials in packaging, along with support of such environmental measures as
container deposits on all kinds of containers.

The only way to rid our world of unneccessary waste is to stop producing it
and to make good use of what we have. As head of a corporation that enjoys
the privilege of earning profits in this society, you also have a
responsibility to do as little damage and as much good as possible.


James C. Simpson
Boston, MA

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