[GRRN] Plastics News Highlights Coke Campaign, Bottle Bill

Bill Sheehan (zerowaste@grrn.org)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 01:05:34 -0400

>From Californians Against Waste
CAW Recycling Advocate,September 13, 1999 (http://www.cawrecycles.org):

Plastics News Highlights Bottle Bill Expansion and
Coca-Cola Campaign

Plastics News, the trade publication for the plastics
industry, ran an editorial this week supporting
California's Bottle Bill expansion efforts. While the
rest of the plastics industry has tried to cover up its
poor recycling record, PN often has spoken out in
support of efforts to increase plastics recycling.

In the editorial, PN points out that the Bottle Bill
program has been the most successful approach to
increasing plastics recycling, and expansion of the
program will help counter the downturn in recycling

This week's issues also features an editorial from
Steve Toloken focusing on Coca-Cola's misleading
responses to GRRN's ad campaign. You can read
these editorials at www.plasticsnews.com.