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Helen: Do you know what the market is like out there for these boxes? Here
in NC we were shipping them bundled with gable top cartons to a paper plant
in Bowater TN. After over a year our 10 drop off site/ 110,000 person, 400
sq. mi. county with an ohterwise reasonable recycling rate, had collected
only 20 tons, one truckload, when shipped to the paper mill, the load was
rejected as too wet/dirty/moldy,etc. We dropped boxes and gable top cartons
from the program. Blair Pollock.

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>News from North of the Border:
>In seven Canadian provinces, school kids can return empty DRINK BOXES for
>refunds. The Canadian provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New
>Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island have
>deposits on drink boxes and consumers get money back when the empties are
>returned to bottle depots.
>THis can be a great fund-raiser for schools, when kids turn the empty boxes
>in and the school returns them to depots for refunds.
>For further info, contact Encorp Pacific in Vancouver at 1-800-330-9767 or
>visit Encorp's website at
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