Re: [GRRN] Forms and recycled paper
Sat, 4 Sep 1999 00:55:54 EDT

As far as recycled paper...I don't know. As far as recycling carbon-less
forms, recycling programs that I know of, and I think most all would accept
them with mixed office paper. I'm having trouble finding any recycled paper
products anymore. They keep disapearing from shelves...The reason, no one
buys them. It's understandable. I don't really feel like paying double to
get a product even if it is made of recycled material.

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<< Does anyone have any experience or information with respect to forms,
and recycled paper? I am holding a paper workshop in a month and there
are people attending who deal with forms a great deal (insurance
industry, etc). Some of them will be carbonless forms. I am not sure
if there are any issues related to their use with respect to recycled
content, recycling, or other issues. >>