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>Take it Back! Conference Comes to Los Angeles
> IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Michele Raymond
> 301-345-4237
> August 31, 1999 -- The world's foremost conference on recycling and
>producer responsibility policy comes to Los Angeles -- Take it Back!
>Pacific Rim: Forming New Alliances for Waste Management will be held
>February 28 - March 1, 2000 at the Furama International Hotel, Los Angeles
> Co-sponsored by the City of Los Angeles, GTE Recycling. E-Tech Products,
>Inc., and the Southern California Council on Environment and Development,
>(SCCED) the new conference will bring in the world's top experts on
>producer responsibility policy, (EPR) packaging design, and electronics
>takeback. The conference is organized by Recycling Laws International
>publisher Raymond Communications, Inc., College Park MD, and J. Michael
>Huls, REA, Azuza, CA.
> The conference is designed to brief corporate, government, and non-profit
>decision-makers on the status of EPR policy worldwide. Packaging and
>product managers will learn how to cope with the new patchwork of takeback
>laws in 28 countries, and U.S. recycling laws as well. Policy-makers will
>have an opportunity to learn of the pro's and con's of EPR from all sides.
> The international portion of the conference will feature: David Perchard
>of England, a top expert on European environmental packaging policy;
>Wolfgang Ringel of the Duales System Deutschland assigned to PRO EUROPE, a
>confederation of Green Dot countries; Aikira Ueno, executive director of
>the Japan Container and Package Recycling Association; Bente Gansum of the
>Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, who will address electronics
>takeback policy in Europe; as well as Keith Ripley, an expert on Latin
>America recycling policy.
> Day Two will include a tracks for compliance with California's recycled
>content mandate on rigid plastic containers, case histories on electronics
>packaging and products, as well as a special track for policy-makers
>organized by SCCED.
> A unique plenary session will bring all sectors together to debate "Does
>Industry Need a Law to Make Progress on EPR?" Key note speakers will be
>top government officials, to be announced. The promoters hope to encourage
>participants to establish a new California Council on Packaging and
> Day Three will have a track on transportation packaging case histories, as
>well as an optional workshop, Coping with International Packaging Takeback
>Laws: the Details; featuring Perchard and U.S. environmental packaging
>expert Victor Bell.
> Raymond Communications publishes the newsletters Recycling Laws
>International and State Recycling Laws Update. For registration
>information, call toll-free 877-279-8388; or check the web site
>http://www.raymond.com . Sponsorship information: contact J. Michael Huls
>at 626-969-7816.
>Recycling Laws International
>Raymond Communications, Inc
>5111 Berwyn Rd. #115
>College Park MD 20740
>Michele Raymond
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