[GRRN] Contract opportunity announcement

Wed, 1 Sep 1999 10:56:07 -0700



DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: September 16, 1999,5 p.m.
PRE-APPLICATION CONFERENCE: September 8, 2 p.m. (Non-mandatory)
CONTRACT AMOUNT: Not to exceed $40,000/year

The City and County of San Francisco Recycling Program (SFRP) is
seeking a "contractor" to provide technical assistance on waste
reduction, recovery and recycling of organic materials. Assistance will
be needed for program development, implementation and evaluation. This
will include on-site outreach, training and monitoring of program
participation for organic material generators. For the purposes of this
contract, waste reduction or diversion programs include waste
prevention, edible food recovery and redistribution, composting and
other organics recovery programs. The focus of this contract is
expected to be primarily on the commercial or institutional generators
in the city, but may include some residential program assistance. This
contract will be administered by SFRP, under the City and County Solid
Waste Management Program. This contract announcement describes the
scope of services, the contractor qualifications, contract term and
amount, evaluation criteria, and application requirements.

The SFRP estimates, based on waste composition studies, that organic
(or compostable) materials annually discarded by the San Francisco
commercial sector include approximately 60,000 tons of food, 40,000
tons of food soiled, wet or waxed paper products, and 23,000 tons of
landscape or plant debris. This constitutes 27% of commercial
disposed waste stream. Most of this food and paper organics are
generated by more than 5,000 retail and wholesale food markets, and
food service establishments (including restaurants, delis, hotels,
institutions, and hospitals) in San Francisco. These generators are
the primary target audience for the contracted services.

The SFRP has made the waste reduction of organic materials a key
strategy to help meet the AB939 50% waste diversion mandate. The SFRP
has been working with the city's two permitted refuse haulers, Sunset
Scavenger Co. (Sunset) and Golden Gate Disposal and Recycling Co.
(Golden Gate) to implement targeted commercial sector organic waste
collection programs. Sunset's program started in 1996 and continues
to grow and has gained approximately 200 participating businesses,
including produce wholesalers, small and large markets, restaurants,
juice bars, coffee shops, and caterers and floral shops. This source
separation program provides each customer with a dedicated green bin
for source separating their organics for collection with training
offered to staff for participating. This program has collected
primarily produce/vegetative waste along with waxed corrugated
material, and this last year has started to include all food waste for
some generators. In a new small generator program, Sunset will be
collecting source separated all food, soiled paper and plant trimmings
from small businesses, including restaurants and markets, as part of a
residential all organics collection. Golden Gate has a separate
collection program which combines an old swill route of source
separated all food waste with a recent mixed waste reroute of mostly
all food & soiled paper organics. Their program collects from
approximately 55 restaurants and markets in the downtown areas.
Collected organics from all these programs are sent to the same
regional composting facility for compost product processing and
marketing. Significant expansion of commercial organics collection
for composting is being planned between the haulers and SFRP,
including tonnage goals, timelines and program design. These will
depend in part on the expanded facility processing capabilities being

The term of this contract shall not exceed three (3) years. The annual
budget for this contract is expected not to exceed $40,000/year. The
total payment to the contractor may be less than the maximum contract
amount depending on the budget constraints of the City, approval of
funding, and services needed. Under the direction of the SFRP, the
contractor shall perform certain tasks, the precise scope and
estimated cost of which will be described in Task Orders issued by the
SFRP. Progress payments will be made to the contractor by the SFRP
upon receipt of a detailed invoice and a written progress report based
upon the Task Orders. The contractor shall be paid on an hourly basis.

Services will focus on tasks that assist in developing, promoting,
implementing and evaluating the composting collection programs and
other waste reduction activities, such as edible food redistribution,
(all covered under "programs") and may include:

* Coordinate with SFRP and haulers to develop and implement
strategies for targeted outreach and technical assistance to
generators to participate in programs;
* Conduct outreach and on-site assistance to targeted generators to
obtain their participation in the programs, including on-site waste
assessments, staff training, monitoring of participation, evaluation
of needs, trouble shooting and follow-up assistance;
* Assist SFRP and haulers to develop incentives for generator
participation in programs;
* Develop and/or distribute informational materials on waste reduction
to businesses;
* Collect program participation and other relevant data and analyze
and evaluate data for program effectiveness and acceptance and make
recommendations for program improvement;
* Document and prepare progress reports on outreach efforts,
participation, observations, and program evaluation; and
* Other tasks may be added as needed.

Only applicants that meet the following criteria will be considered:

* Working knowledge of the recycling and composting programs;
* Demonstrated experience conducting waste reduction outreach and
technical assistance to businesses;
* Demonstrated experience conducting on-site business waste
* Proven ability to work with databases and conduct statistical
* Flexibility to accommodate workload fluctuations;
* Proven ability to coordinate activities with individuals,
businesses, and haulers;
* Availability to conduct early morning work and attend meetings and
return phone calls on short notice;
* Ability to be readily available to SFRP and hauler staff;
* Proven problem-solving skills in waste reduction program
* Excellent communication skills; and
* Ability to meet the requirements of the City and County of San
Francisco, as set forth in the San Francisco Administrative Code,
including but not limited to non-discrimination, affirmative action,
minority or women and locally owned business requirements, domestic
partners benefits and local business tax certificate.

In addition, applicants with multi-lingual (especially Cantonese and
Spanish) speaking skills are desired.

The City will first evaluate the written applications according to the
following weighted criteria: experience and expertise * 60%, the
hourly fee quote * 30%, and availability and flexibility * 10%. The
top candidates will be invited for in-person interviews, expected to
be conducted the week of September 20, 1999. The number of candidates
invited for interviews will be solely at the discretion of the SFRP.
The interview panel will consist of approximately 3 to 4 people and
will evaluate and rate the final candidates based on: experience and
expertise * 35%, communication skills * 25%, availability and
flexibility * 20%, and hourly fee quote * 20%. The Human Rights
Commission (HRC) will add applicable preference points (see below) to
each stage of the selection process. The contract will be awarded to
the applicant with the highest score based solely on the interview
stage. The selected applicant must enter into a contract with City
(boilerplate copy available upon request), provide required insurance,
show proof of current business tax registration certificate, and show
compliance with all other applicable legal requirements..

Contents of Application.
To apply, please 4 copies submit the following:
(1) Letter of introduction describing how you meet the
Contractor Requirements above;
(2) Resume(s);
(3) Hourly fee quote(s);
(4) References from clients on at least two related projects;
(5) Completed HRC Forms 1, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, 5A, 5B, and 12B-101
(see HRC Forms section below).

If a company or team of individuals is submitting an application, a
resume and references must be provided for each individual that will
be assigned to this project. Applicants are to provide a hourly fee
quote. If applicants plan to have multiple persons working on the
project at different hourly rates, hourly rates for each participant
must be submitted, as well as an estimate (as a percentage) of each
person's total time required for the contract work and the type of
tasks conducted by that person. Also note in your letter if there are
additional tasks that you believe would be essential to the successful
completion of this project.

A non-mandatory informational pre-application conference will be held
for interested parties on Wednesday, September 8, 1999, at 2:00 p.m.
at the Municipal Railway Conference Room, 1145 Market Street, Suite
402, San Francisco, California. Although attendance at the conference
is not required to respond to this Contract Opportunity Announcement,
potential applicants are encouraged to attend.

HRC Forms and Preference.
To be eligible for this contract, applicants must agree to comply with
the affirmative action requirements authorized by San Francisco
Administrative Code Chapter 12B, Section 12B.4, and Chapter 12D (where
applicable), and their implementing Rules and Regulations. The Human
Rights Commission (HRC) forms listed above must be completed and
returned with your application. All forms, whether applicable to you
or not, must be included. If the forms do not apply to you, mark them
"Not Applicable" and include with the application. If the completed
forms are not provided with the application, it may be determined
non-responsive and rejected.

The Code Chapter 12D requires that preferences be given and goals
established for efforts to use San Francisco HRC-certified
economically disadvantaged local business enterprises (LBE),
minority-owned business enterprises (MBE) and women-owned business
enterprises (WBE) for contracts and subcontracts with the City and
County of San Francisco. A rating process will be used to award
preference bonus points for applications that include LBE, MBE or WBE.
The following rating point preference will be used in the selection

1) 5% for an LBE.
2) 5% for a joint venture which is composed of only LBEs with
no MBE or WBE participation or when the MBE or WBE
participation is less than 35% (a joint venture that
includes a non-LBE partner is not eligible for preference
3) 5% for a joint venture which includes at least 35% (but
less than 40%) participation by certified MBEs or WBEs.
4) A maximum of 7.5% for a joint venture which includes at
least 40% participation by certified MBEs or WBEs.
5) 10% for a joint venture between certified MBEs and/or WBEs.
6) 10% for a certified MBE or WBE.

The HRC forms and instructions are available from the San Francisco
Recycling Program at (415) 554-3400. For additional information, a copy
of Code Chapters 12B and 12D and their implementing Rules and
Regulations are available from the HRC Office, 25 Van Ness Ave., Suite
800, San Francisco, CA 94102, (415) 252-2500. If you have questions
regarding the HRC requirements or completing their forms, please
contact: Preston Tom, of the HRC, at (415) 274-0498.

Location and Deadline For Submittal of Application.
Submit the required application to:
Organics Recycling Technical Assistance
San Francisco Recycling Program
1145 Market Street, Suite 401
San Francisco, CA 94103.

Complete applications must be received at the above address no later
than 5:00 p.m., Thursday, September 16, 1999. Facsimile or postmarks
are not acceptable. (Deadline may be extended by SFRP.)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Jack Macy at the San Francisco
Recycling Program at (415) 554-3423.