[GRRN] Environmental Consulting and Education

Kae Ono (kaeono@yahoo.com)
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:25:48 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Kae Ono. I graduated from Sonoma State
University, California, with a B.A. in Environmental
Studies and Planning and a minor in Business and
Administration. I am looking for a full-time
employment opportunity in the field of environmental
consulting and education. Although my specialty is in
the recycling and solid waste management consulting
field, I am interested in working in the wide range of
environmental issues. (I am interested in working for
the non-governmental sector.)

I have two years of experiences in organizing a campus
recycling program (campus population is 8,000). I
also have assisted in writing a grant to the CA
Department of Conservation in 1998. Later that year
the University received $93,000 for its recycling
As the president of the campus based Committee on
Recycling Education, I organized and sponsored the
"Recycled Product Fair" and the "4R Fair" at Sonoma
State University.

My computer skills are proficient for creating any
kinds of documents. I am capable of using MS Word, MS
Works, Excel, Access 97, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe
PageMaker, to name a few. I am a quick learner and
feel confortable using windows applications.

Please let me know if there is a position that I can
apply for within your office, or if you know of some
organizations/firms that may be hiring at this time.
I am willing to relocate to where the job is

Thank you very much for your help. I hope to hear
from you soon.


Kae Ono

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