[GRRN] Environment versus Corporate Protest - Please Read

Bernard Rieux (prawnless@yahoo.com)
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:22:02 -0700 (PDT)

A Taiwanese Company - Marigolds - after destroying waters in their own
region, are currently setting up an intensive prawn farm at Armstrong
Beach, near Sarina, Queensland, Australia. Failures at Local, State and
National Government levels have allowed this project to go ahead in a
World Heritage listed Area, amazingly without even lodging an
Environmental Impact Statement! This site is touted, despite public
outcry, as the first of approximately 60 other such prawn farms which
this Company has already earmarked sites for between Sarina and
Townsville on the Queensland Coast; and with each site potentially
pumping up to 75,000 cubic litres of waste each day into the ocean,
well, you do the math....

The legislation which, with a stroke of a pen, has allowed this to go
ahead is, also with a stroke of a pen, able to be reversed. Senator
Hon. Robert Hill, Minister for the Environment and Heritage and Leader
of the Government in the Australian Senate, holds that pen.

If you wish to let Senator Hill know directly how you feel about this
state of affairs, all you need to do is copy and send the below message
(and don't forget to sign your name at the bottom of the letter) to:


We also ask that you cc Senator Andrew Bartlett, who is also in a
position to help, at the following address:


Also, if you could cc us as well, at the following address, so that we
can keep a tally on the number of responses:


Finally, if you could forward *this* email to as many people and
groups, both in Australia and World-Wide, whom you feel may be
interested in helping, please do so.

With many thanks,
Bernard Rieux


Senator Hon. Robert Hill
Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Leader of the Government in the
Australian Senate
Commonwealth Parliament Offices,
100 King William Street,
Adelaide SA 5000

Dear Senator Hill,

I wish to register my personal rejection of the proposed intensive
prawn farm at Armstrong Beach, Queensland, by the Taiwanese company,
Much public attention has been focused by Government on the need for
environmental preservation, but this project and other similar ones
already proposed have significant potential to inflict irreparable
damage to the world-envied Great Barrier Reef and supporting coastline.
The delivery of unacceptable levels of contaminates into the World
Heritage listed waters of Llewellyn Bay, a Zone B Marine Park and
Dugong Sanctuary, must be stopped.
Environmental 'globalisation' precedes corporate globalisation.
Surely Government should recognise this precedence, and act in
accordance with it.
I therefore implore the intervention of the Australian Federal
Government to protect this world valued treasure.
Thankyou for your time and concern. A copy of this letter has also
been sent to Senator Andrew Bartlett.

Yours Sincerely,

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