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Brenda Platt (bplatt@ilsr.org)
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 09:46:13 +0000

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We're providing some inf. to this group, but thought others might be
able to help too.
Send replies directly to Neil Tangri (he's not on these listservs). I
would appreciate being cc'd.

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To: bplatt@ilsr.org
From: Neil Tangri <ntangri@essential.org>
Subject: model waste disposal for Taiwan
Cc: twwatch@ms31.hinet.net
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Dear Ms. Platt:

I work for Essential Action, a small NGO in DC that provides support to
grassroots groups, primarily in third world countries, that are working on
toxics issues. I met with Neil Seldman a few months ago and got a sense of
ILSR's work, and I think there is a lot of overlap, particularly in terms
of your work.

One of our primary campaigns is against incinerators. I recently returned
from a trip to Taiwan, which is undergoing a major shift in their waste
disposal policy. Landfills have become politically untenable (there have
been street riots over landfill siting proposals) and so the government
plans to embark on a major incinerator-building program. They hope to burn
90% of their municipal waste stream in the next 5 to 10 years!

An activist we work with in Taiwan, George Cheng of Taiwan Watch
<twwatch@ms31.hinet.net> has convinced 3 municipal governments to consider
an alternate waste handling method -- now he needs to propose a viable
alternative. He has asked me to find materials document successful examples
of city-wide alternative waste handling. We spoke about the success of
Seattle in diverting a large proportion of waste from the landfill at a
cost below that of constructing an incinerator; but perhaps you will know
other, better examples. He is particularly interested in videos that show
these programs in action.

If ILSR has any such materials, or can recommend any, I would greatly
appreciate your help.

Thanks very much,

Neil Tangri


Neil TANGRI Essential Action PO Box 19405 Washington DC 20036 USA

Telephone: +1-202-387-8030 Fax: +1-202-234-5176