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Gary Liss (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 17:00:17


I'd recommend getting linked with E-Bay, Yahoo and other auction sites.

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At 05:36 PM 08/12/1999 -0400, David Biddle wrote:
>Hi All (and sorry for cross postings),
>I'm working with the National Recycling Coalition increase usage of the
Chicago Board of Trade's Recycling Exchange (
>If you have been a user at any time and would like to let me know your
thoughts on how we can get people to use the system more, give me a ring
(215-247-2974) or e-mail me directly at (please
don't mail to the entire list).
>If you haven't used the system, but are interested in finding out more, go
to You can check out a fair amount without
registering, or you can gain full access to the system for the small one
time fee of $10.00.
>My most pressing job on this project is to facilitate trade (which means
I'm here to assist anyone who would like help with a trade match - whether
you are a buyer or a seller...novice or expert), so if you are a user and
would like help making the trading system work, contact me at your
convenience and I'd be glad to help in any way I can.
>David Biddle
>CBOT Recycling Exchange Trade Facilitator
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