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Hello again,

I apologize for posting the incorrect address for the Integrated Waste
Management Specialist exam information at the California Integrated Waste
Management Board. Apparently, the information has not been posted on our
external site yet, so I have copied the announcement and posted it below.

Terry S. Brennan
Integrated Waste Management Specialist
California Integrated Waste Management Board
(916) 255-4733

Opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the State of
California or the California Integrated Waste Management Board.




Equal Opportunity Employer - Equal Opportunity to all regardless of race,
color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability,
religious or political affiliation, age, or sexual orientation.

It is an objective of the State of California to achieve a drug-free state
work place. Any applicant for state employment will be expected to behave in
accordance with this objective because the use of illegal drugs is
inconsistent with the law of the state, the rules governing civil service
and the special trust placed in public servants.
Open Exam for: California Integrated Waste Management Board. Positions
exist in Sacramento and Fullerton only.
How to Apply: Applications (Forms 678) are available and may be filed in
person or by mail with:
California Integrated Waste Management Board
ATTN: Examination Unit
8800 Cal Center Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826


If you have a disability and need special testing arrangements, mark the
appropriate box in Part 2 of the "Examination Application". You will be
contacted to make specific arrangements.

Final Filing Date: September 8, 1999
Salary Range: A: $2532 - 3041 B: $3076 - $3706 C: $3706 - $4475
Position Description: The Integrated Waste Management Specialist is the
entry, working and journey levels in the series. Incumbents at all levels
of the series apply scientific methods and principles in the performance,
supervision, or management of assigned tasks including: writing integrated
waste management-related regulations and analyzing related legislation;
reviewing and recommending action on integrated waste management plans;
developing integrated waste management strategies; assisting various
jurisdictions in their efforts to integrate waste prevention, diversion, and
disposal activities; facilitating the procurement of recycled content
products; developing markets for recycled materials; implementing programs
for used oil, household hazardous waste, and used and scrap tires;
certifying and evaluating local enforcement agencies; developing and
revising State minimum standards for integrated solid waste handling and
disposal; inspecting solid waste sites; reviewing solid waste facilities'
environmental practices; recommending action on solid waste facilities'
permits; taking corrective actions including closure and postclosure of
solid waste facilities; and remediating closed, illegal and abandoned sites.

Minimum Qualifications: Either I
Education: Equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or
university with a Bachelor's Degree in Biological, Chemical, Physical,
Environmental, or Soil Science; Environmental Health; Toxicology; or
Industrial Hygiene.

Equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with a
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering; Math; Economics; Statistics; or Resource
Management. Qualifying education must include completion of 30 semester
units in biological, chemical, physical, environmental, or soil science;
environmental health; toxicology; or industrial hygiene.

(Registration as a senior in a recognized institution will admit applicant
to the examination, but they must provide evidence of graduation or its
equivalent before they can be considered eligible for appointment.)

(Qualifying experience in integrated waste management planning, regulation,
marketing, analysis, or research; environmental research, monitoring,
surveillance, or enforcement; or design, development, or oversight of a
waste prevention and diversion program may be substituted for the required
education on the basis of one year of qualifying experience for each year of
college work for up to a maximum of two years.)

NOTE: Candidates who qualify under Pattern II of the Minimum Qualifications
must provide a copy of their college transcripts with their application to
verify completion of 30 semester units in biological, chemical, physical,
environmental, or soil science; environmental health; toxicology; or
industrial hygiene. If college transcripts are not readily available,
candidates must list applicable courses by course name and number of
semester units completed on the application or as an attachment to the
application. Verification of the 30 required units must, however, be
provided before the candidate can be considered eligible for appointment.
Applications/resumes received without this information will be rejected.

Examination Information: This examination will consist of the supplemental
application weighted 100%. In order to obtain a position on the eligible
list, applicants must achieve a minimum rating of 70% on the supplemental
A. Knowledge of:
Basic principles of scientific research.
Chemical, biological, physical, and environmental sciences.
Environmental characteristics of waste materials, including handling and
disposal, their general effect on human health and the environment, and
mitigation measures.
Statistical methods of analysis.
Concepts employed in a variety of disciplines including integrated waste
management economics, public health, and resource management.
Controlling hazardous substances at solid waste facilities.
Principles and procedures of integrated waste management, waste prevention,
and diversion.
Basic hydrology and geology.
Environmental planning.
Investigatory methods.
Integrated waste management activities and programs in both the public and
private sectors.
Federal, State and local statutes, regulations, legislative and regulatory
processes, programs, and responsibilities related to solid waste materials.
Facility permitting and environmental review.
Use and reuse of solid waste materials.

B. Ability to:
Collect environmental data.
Analyze and evaluate data, reach sound conclusions, and make
Apply or modify scientific methods and principles.
Analyze situations and take appropriate actions.
Establish and maintain cooperative relations with local governments, the
business community, and the general public.
Prepare clear, complete, and technically accurate reports.
Communicate effectively.
Plan, organize, and carry out integrated waste management studies or
Coordinate the work of others.
Make oral presentations.
Be objective and flexible.
Meet critical deadlines.
Assess the impact of proposed legislation and new statutes.
Organize materials for public presentations and dissemination.
Anticipate and respond to public concerns with tact and sensitivity.
Eligible List Information: The resulting eligible list will be used to fill
vacancies at the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The list will
be abolished 12 months after it is established unless the needs of the
service and conditions of the list warrant a change in this period.
Veterans Preference: Veterans preference credit will be granted.

General Information

IF A CANDIDATE'S NOTICE OF ORAL INTERVIEW fails to reach him/her prior to
the day of the interview due to a verified postal error, he/she will be
rescheduled upon written request.

APPLICATIONS are available at the California Integrated Waste Management
Board, State Personnel Board offices, local offices of the Employment
Development Department and on the State Personnel Board website

IF YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS stated on this bulletin, you may take this
examination, which is competitive. Possession of the entrance requirement
does not assure a place on the eligible list. Your performance in the
examination described on this bulletin will be compared with the performance
of the others who take this test, and all candidates who pass will be ranked
according to their scores.

revise the examination plan to better meet the needs of the service if the
circumstances under which this examination was planned change. Such revision
will be in accordance with civil service laws and rules and all competitors
will be notified.

GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS Candidates must possess essential personal
qualifications including integrity, initiative, dependability, good
judgment, and ability to work cooperatively with others; and a state of
health consistent with the ability to perform the assigned duties of the
class. A medical examination may be required. In open examinations,
investigation may be made of employment records and personal history and
fingerprinting may be required.

High School Equivalence: Equivalence to completion of the 12th grade may be
demonstrated in any one of the following ways: 1) passing the General
Education Development (GED) Test; 2) completion of 12 semester units of
college-level work; 3) certification from the State Department of Education,
a local school board or high school that the candidate is considered to have
education equivalent to graduation from high school, or 4) for clerical and
accounting classes, substitution of business college work in place of high
school on a year-for-year basis.

INTERVIEW SCOPE If an interview is conducted, in addition to the scope
described on the other side of this bulletin, the panel will consider
education, experience, personal development, personal traits, and fitness.
In appraising experience, more weight will be given to the breadth and
recency of pertinent experience and evidence of the candidate's ability to
accept and fulfill increasing responsibilities than the length of his/her
experience. Evaluation of a candidate's personal development will include
consideration of his/her recognition of his/her own training needs; his/her
plans for self-development; and the progress he/she has made in his/her
efforts toward self-development.

BY THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, no later than the final filing date.
Applications postmarked, personally delivered or received via interoffice or
interagency mail after the final filing date will NOT be accepted for any

PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS ONLY Competition is limited to employees who
have a permanent civil service appointment. Under certain circumstances
other employees may be allowed to compete under provisions of Rules 234,
235, and 235.2. State Personnel Board Rules 233, 234, 235, 235.2, and 237
contain provisions regarding civil service status and eligibility for
promotional examinations. These rules may be reviewed at departmental
personnel offices or in the Service Center at the State Personnel Board
office in Sacramento.


California Integrated Waste Management Board - Examination Unit
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