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Stella M.Paton (smpaton@igc.apc.org)
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 15:26:51 -0700 (PDT)

Much as I'd like to support your work, just this last few days has been
overwhelming and more than I can handle. I also subscribe to ENN service,
but that's just ONE message a day.

As a member of San Francisco WILPF, I'm on two of our lists, one
international and one US, and I'm responsible for forwarding to our SF
members. That's as much as I can handle.

Thank you for all the good work you have been doing, and I'll occasionally
log on to your web site to see what's going on.

At 09:09 AM 8/3/1999 -0500, RecycleWorlds wrote:
>Gary asked for comment on the Hamond article proposing to use taxes to
>guide personal decisions into more constructive paths.
>Certainly, in theory, this could work substantially better than direct
>regulatory approaches.
>Unfortunately, my experience with the political arena indicates that
>economists who LOVE this approach should not be allowed out of their ivory
>towers (Jeff Morris and I excepted, of course), even to go to the bathroom.
>That's because tax laws are written by the tax committees, late at night,
>in the backroom, out of the public's sights in complex tomes that no one
>can make any sense of. Because the stakes of their decisions are so HUGE,
>that is where 90% (or whatever) of the corporate contributions are focused,
>making just about every person on those committees CORRUPT, with one or two
>noble exceptions.
>Those committees, then, are the one place where we have the very LEAST
>Sure regulations have been correctly branded as command and control and
>have all of the limitations that attach to them.
>But at least their visible and so much more impactable by the public than
>tax laws.
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