[GRRN] Job Opportunity

Ted Smith (tsmith@igc.org)
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 11:53:46 -0700

>Dear Friends:
>Please circulate this job annoncement through your networks. Please note
>that we would appreciate being contacted through postal mail on this.
>PROJECT DIRECTOR: Silicon Valley Environmental Health and Justice Project
>Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and the Santa Clara Center for Occupational
>Safety and Health are launching a four-year project funded in part by the
>National Institute of EnvironmentalHealth Sciences (NIEHS). The project's
>goal is to raise community understandingabout environmental and
>occupational health issues and to link residents and workers with health
>care providers and researchers to identify, reduce and prevent exposure to
>hazardous chemicals. Other partners include the UC Berkeley School of
>Public Health, San Jose State University and the Santa Clara County Public
>Health Department.
>For a full job description visit:
Ted Smith
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
760 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95112

>NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR WEBSITE -- New environmental justice maps
> http://www.svtc.org/resource.htm

Food for thought:

How Gandhi Defined the Seven Deadly Sins
=B7 Wealth without work
=B7 Pleasure without conscience
=B7 Knowledge without character
=B7 Commerce without morality
=B7 Science without humanity
=B7 Worship without sacrifice
=B7 Politics without principle