[GRRN] aseptic recycling

Helen Spiegelman (helens@axionet.com)
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 11:40:48 -0700

Hello, list:

In March 99 there was a brief exchange, prompted by a question from John
Reindl, about the cost of recycling aseptic packaging. Much of the
discussion centred on the incremental costs at a MRF (collection side of
the equation).

This follow-up question is about the recycling side.

We (Canadian province of British Columbia -- BC) are nearing an October 1
deadline for aseptic and gable-top beverage containers (except milk) to
enter our deposit/return program.

These containers got a one-year extension of the original October 98
deadline, because the industry claimed there were NO MARKETS for as many
post-consumer Tetra Paks as would come into the system under a
deposit/return system. Over the past year an industry-led Polycoat
Recycling Committee has been developing a made-in-BC recycling solution for
these boxes.

THe Polycoat Committee reports that a local cardboard mill is prepared to
adapt one or more of its hydrapulpers to handle aseptic and gable-top
polycoat. These materials would be processed separately because the
polycoat fibre contains 'wet strength' which requires longer processing in
the hydrapulper.

The industry committee claims, based on 'the most comprehensive testing in
North America, that the process will be revenue-positive and will recover
70% of the container mass as recyclable fibre.

Does anyone out there have information about actual aseptic and
gable-top/polycoat recycling mills that I can compare with these optimistic


Helen Spiegelman