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It is very important that opinion over black box approaches such as these
decribed in the press release Dave posted (below) be withheld until the
economics are fully disclosed. There's another depolymerization technology
promised by Eastman Chemical along the same lines, incidently.

That is to say, the plastic recycling infrastructure is not sustainable
with its present cost structures. Any handling approach that either
increases present sort costs or decreases present end market value would be
the death knell for the industry.

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Chemical Engineering: No-hands Recycling

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 16, 1999--What is thought to be the
world's first fully automated plant for sorting plastic recyclables is
built in Hannover, Germany, Chemical Engineering reports. Expected to be up
and running next May, the 25,000 m.t./yr plant will have no manual sorting
steps -- cutting sorting costs in half. Contaminants, such as paper and
metals, are removed through different cleaning mechanisms using air blowers
and magnets. The process was developed jointly by HTP-Ingenieurgesellschaft
fur Aufbereitungstechnik and the Institute for Preparation Technology of
(Aachen, Germany).

Thought some of you would be interested.

David Biddle
Philadelphia, PA

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