[GRRN] topics needed for environmental ESL textbook

Charles LaRue (larue@pro-ns.net)
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 06:32:10 -0600

Dear Environmental Educators,

I have a grant to write an ESL Textbook that teaches new comers about
the environment. From recycling, to hunting and sidhing, to organic
farmimg to environmental health hazards like lead, mod and mildew etc.
The book will have 12 to 15 chapters and be distributed free to
Minnesota ESL programs for adults and children.
This will be a story book in the sense that each chapter will be one
story about a person, family, or group and how they relate to the
environent. The balance of each chapter will be translation of key
vocabulary and ESL exercises involving the language of each chapter. and
Right now I'm looking for story ideas like those listed above and for
people willing to be the subject of a story/chapter and be photographed
for the book. There is a small honoria which I can pay to the people
willing to have their story in the book. If you have a story idea or
know of newcomers to the US who would be appropriate to be the focus of
a chapter please let me know.
You can see an example of my previous ESL textbook "Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle" teaching positive waste management and get free a free copy
from the link on my web page listed below.


Charles LaRue

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