Re: [GRRN] Variances
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 22:43:20 EDT

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Rick Anthony and Janet Matthews have had an exchange concerning whether it
is a good idea to temporarily stop collection of those materials which, due
to transient poor markets, become uneconomic to recycle from time to time,
with Janet suggesting that it is not a good idea to mandate continued
collection of materials during their severe down markets.

Dear GreenYes:
The issue here was how to control out of state waste. Jerry Powell reported
that Oregon placed certain standards on Washington waste destined for Oregon
landfills. I pointed out that in many cities in San Diego County prohibit
the mixing of designated recyclables with other discards. Janet thought that
the volatility of the markets made it a bad risk for government to take.

In San Diego the designated recyclables were selected based on market value.
Materials like cardboard, newspaper, glass, aluminum, and steel cans have
established markets. The County at the time of implementation agreed to be
the market of last resort.

But in fact, the commingled mrfs were built by every service provider and the
rates for recyclable material collection were 80% lower than the garage
collection rates. At the time the ordinance was passed, participation jumped
from 30% to over 80%.
Most of these cities have exheeded 40% diversion from the CA 1990 base year.

But, you know, that's California,

Rick Anthony
Pismo Beach CA