[GRRN] missing something

Janet Matthews (matthej@assembly.state.ny.us)
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 08:57:44 -0400

i sent in a response to a comment of rick anthony's re: state recycling
requirements, but never saw it in a subsequent digest. so today when i
opened digest 198, i gathered that my comments appeared somewhere (where?)
and have been responded to by peter (see david biddle's excerpted comment
below.) hmmm, i haven't seen peter's comments either! where are these
missing communications? could someone help me out here by forwarding
recent commentary on this subject?

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As usual, Peter's thoughts are on the money and sufficiently provocative to

hopefully get a discussion going. I admit to having not been privy to Ric
Janet's communications, so take all with a grain of sand.
i would appreciate