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Sat, 26 Jun 1999 13:09:28 EDT

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<< One of the basic problems with bans I know is the perceived
and politicization of enforcement, but it seems equally impractical to spend
all this money on lawyers and congressional staff to fight The Constitution
and basic principals of free trade.
Every municipal solid waste ordinance has rules about preparation of
materials for collection. The cans may not weigh over a certain weight. No
household hazardous materials (HHW) can be mixed with trash.

Some curbside programs specify only certain materials. A required separation
program with prohibition of burial at the landfill of specific items like HHW
and "designated recyclables," is one way to ban from burial and level the
collection and processing playing field.

Many would say this program, in effect in most cities in San Diego County
since 1991, has been very effective. Impacting 15 Cities with a total
population of over 1 million people, most of these Cities are beyond 40%
diversion by CIWMB measurements.

Why couldn't a State designate certain recyclables for separation and
separate collection and prohibit them from landfill disposal?

Rick Anthony
San Diego CA