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While obviously not the game ending solution, wouldn't well-enforced
bans (a la NJ, NC & MA) of multiple recyclable materials go a long way for
states looking to reduce waste imports? PA is a case in point. We have no
landfill bans on recyclables. However, if we banned organics, cardboard,
office paper, newspaper, glass & metal food and beverage containers, and
maybe even batteries, CRT monitors, and fluorescent lamps and then
established a strong enforcement/inspection program on out-of-state trucks
(in tandem with our current and much feared trash truck highway safety
inspection program) with very hefty fines (that would pay for enforcement)
wouldn't we have a direct impact on both quantities and the general
propensity to dispose in PA?

One of the basic problems with bans I know is the perceived impracticalities
and politicization of enforcement, but it seems equally impractical to spend
all this money on lawyers and congressional staff to fight The Constitution
and basic principals of free trade.

Just a question.

David Biddle
Philadelphia, PA