[GRRN] Advice on Saving New Orleans Recycling Program

Shama Farooq (sham_sham1@yahoo.com)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 14:23:10 -0700 (PDT)

Dear All,
I am writing because the City Council of New Orleans may move to cut
the curbside recycling program from its annual budget due to an
unexpected $1.4 million shortfall in the Sanitation department. Our
curbside recycling program is infantile, with a $1 per household
fee,and approximately 15,000 tons collected each year. The amount of
recyclabels collected is about 6.3 percent of total solid waste. Our
program lacks an educational element as well as a professional
recycling co-ordinator. City politicians have shown almost no interest
in pursuing a progressive recycling program.
The city meets tomorrow to review its budget and decide what to do
about the deficit.
I am looking for advice as to what kinds of arguments to place. What I
would really love is for someone (a recycling professional) who can
point out the long term fiscal benefits of recycling.
Thanks in advance,
Shama Farooq
Community Outreach Center
Tulane Environmental Law Clinic

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