[GRRN] Out of State Waste

RecycleWorlds (anderson@msn.fullfeed.com)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 09:43:16 -0500

Kat Bennett asks about trash export legislation that would only require
exporting states to have equivalent recycling practices.

Wisconsin had such a law and it was struck down in federal court twice.
The nub of the details that the court focused on was the fact that, in
order to determine equivalency, the Wisconsin law required the other
state's municipality from which the trash eminated to have a recycling
program equivalent to the program which state law requires for Wisconsin's
municipalities. This was construed to be an attempt to legislate for
another state.

I had urged the legislators to recraft the equivalency test to physically
sample out of state trash trucks to detemine if there were any significant
remaining fraction of recyclables in the load to overcome that criticism,
but they chose not to.
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