[GRRN] The debate in Washington about travelling trash

Kat Bennett (ecocycle-longmont@indra.com)
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:47:55 -0600

I very much appreciated Peter Anderson's description of the various
debates in DC regarding states willingness and/or rights to control
out-of-state trash imports. The argument will always be made that importing
waste is a revenue generator.
What's discouraging to me is that one never hears in these debates the
suggestion that a state seeking permission to export solid waste should
only be allowed to do so when certain standards of recycling have been met
within the state; standards in terms of weights and dates goals, standards
in terms of state monies spent on recycling, and standards met in terms of
a committment to waste reduction.
I know this is pie in the sky stuff, but why should any community or any
state be bullied into taking another state's waste if the waste-generating
state demonstrates little or no commitment to recycling and source reduction?

Kat Bennett
Longmont, CO