[GRRN] New Battery Recharging Technology

Sun, 20 Jun 1999 23:16:55 EDT

This doesn't sound that cheap really, but certainly something worth checking
out...especially for those interested in commercial and institutional waste
stream management.

David Biddle

Recharge Everyday Alkaline Batteries With The Battery Recycler

ATLANTA, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Recharge the leading brands of throw-away
batteries used in everything from pagers to hospital equipment with The
Battery Recycler(TM) by INGenius. This industrial/commercial recharger
utilizes newly patented technologies that safely and effectively recharge
(thus recycle) AAA, AA, C, D and 9-volt alkaline batteries numerous times --
saving money and helping the environment.
Military bases, hospitals and telecommunications companies are a few of
the industries implementing alkaline battery recharging programs with The
Battery Recycler. Even small businesses using only 50 batteries a month can
cut battery costs and positively affect the environment. High volume battery
users such as hotels, theme parks, airlines, cruise ships and others could
save thousands of dollars a month and significantly reduce solid waste.
The system costs about 4 cents per recharged battery to own and operate.
This is a fraction of the cost of a new alkaline battery! Most companies can
pay off their investment in less than six months, allowing significant battery
savings in the first year alone. Recharging batteries only one time cuts new
battery costs by 50%; recharging four times cuts those costs by up to 80%.
The Battery Recycler performance has been verified by over 1,000,000 cell
hours of battery tests and by three independent testing labs. These tests
prove that the recharging process can restore very close to (and very often
more than) 100% power to a battery on the first few recharges! And although
the life of a battery slowly decreases per recycle, the recharged battery can
still have significant capacity. For example, a Walkman radio still achieved
12.5 hours of operation after the 9th recharge. (variation in results depend
on brand of battery)
The systems are completely customizable, allowing users to charge
different battery sizes (AAA, AA, C, D and 9-volt) on a single Recycling
Station. The charging process takes about 13 hours. Users can charge
anywhere from 1 battery of any size, up to 96 AAA or AA batteries on a single
Station. The Battery Recycler has a one year full replacement warranty.
Please contact INGenius at 800-300-8930 for additional product information
or for information on our special programs to help non-profit organizations
and schools raise money and environmental awareness with The Battery Recycler.
At INGenius, the product really is innovation!