re: Garbage May Save a Shrine

John McCrory (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 13:25:56 -0400

FYI: The posting on GreenYes of the Thursday New York Times piece appears to
have been taken from the paper's national edition. In my Brooklyn edition, it
was not only longer, but titled: YANKEE TRASH MAY PRESERVE REBEL SHRINE. It
should be noted this was an opinion column (The Big City) written by John
Tierney -- the same fellow who wrote the "Recycling is Garbage" cover story in
the NYT Sunday Magazine a few years back, and has persistently argued that New
York City should abandon its recycling program to save money...

Our local version of the column ended with the following paragraph:

"Two-way trade is in both sides' economic interest," Carter said. "That's why
this plantation was established here. The James River was the nation's first
commercial highway. My ancestors had a port here to ship tobacco and lumber
and other raw materials to London, and their ships would come back with
finished goods. Now the market's New York, and we're essentially trading them
the air space in our landfill for their really finished goods."

To read the entire column:

Thanks, Peter Anderson, for posting the national version!

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