Re: [GRRN] Fw: Campaign vs. plastic beer bottles

patfranklin (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:12:17 -0400 (EDT)


Per you comments on glass bottles -- what are your thoughts on refillable
glass bottles?

Pat Franklin

>Subject: Campaign vs. plastic beer bottles
>I agree with your concern over plastic beer bottles, as well as your general
>anxiety over the use of virgin plastic in other containers. However, I
>you are missing a clear choice for packaging material that is FULLY
>recyclable: GLASS.
>Unlike a plastic bottle, a glass bottle can easily be recycled into another
>glass bottle, thus reducing energy costs and use of virgin materials. In
>addition, no other packaging material is as inert as glass. There is
>virtually NO danger that anything will leech from glass into the food or
>beverage in it. Plastic and aluminum have tried to make similar claims, but
>to accomplish this they need to add barrier materials to their packages.
>Glass is glass. No barrier materials are needed.
>Rather than calling on Coke, Miller and others to use more recycled plastic
>in their containers, you should be calling on these companies to increase
>their use of glass containers, most of which have 15-30% recycled glass in
>Eventually, plastic ends up in a landfill. Even if a plastic bottle is
>recycled or made from some recycled plastic, it eventually has to be used
>something else, and then, eventually it gets discarded. There is no reason
>this has to happen with a glass container. No matter what shape, design, or
>color, it can be recycled into itself endlessly. THERE IS NO GOOD REASON A
>Please consider adding the "glass message" to your commendable efforts at
>trying to reduce the waste stream.
>If you would like to discuss this further, or need more information, please
>feel free to contact me.
>Tom Beiswenger
>Product Manager
>Emhart Glass Inc. - manufacturer of forming, inspection and process control
>equipment for the glass container industry
>phone: 607 735 4279
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