Re: [GRRN] Collect 'em all & let industry sort 'em out -- Round 6

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Wed, 9 Jun 1999 10:51:31 +0200

a system of adding tax on a "waste added base" is widely spred over europe.
(known as the grenn dot system)
policy is that separation and recycling is paid by the industry.

The problem is that it doesn't work. Since the green dot is used in Belgium,
a company as Coca-Cola has chabged its policy towards one way packaging. Why
shouldn't they, it's the consumer who pays it all and they have less trouble
with one way packaging

on the other hand, one has to define recycling very well
a great part of the plastics are recycled as energy. Industry calls this
'valorisation', a normal person would speak of incineration.

the only system that really works is to oblige a take it back-system
the Dutch governement has done so
a producer doesn't has to recycle anything but he's obliged to use a deposit
and to take packaging back. (the system is only used for PET)
because they hve to take it back, it's cheaper for them to use refillables

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