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According to the June 1999 issue of Modern Plastics ("Reports of PVC's
demise are greatly exagerated"):

"Interviews and survey responses from dozens of PVC processors,
suppliers and compounders cofirm that negative publicity surrounding PVC
has had little effect on its use.
"Respondents say PVC has been replaced in applications where a viable
and cost-effective solution was available, but that negative publicity has
not been the cause.
"The survey was conducted by Modern Plastics...
"...Medical products have come under pressure over dioxin concerns
[said Japan's largest PVC processor], but the impact on sales has been
"Some firms have taken steps to protect themselves on the PR
battleground. To stymie negative public perceptions, the Geon Co, the
world's largest producer of PV compounds, responds by referring to the
material as 'vinyl' [because] the firm's research showed that people are
enthusiastic about 'vinyl' but negative about 'PVC'....
"European PVC suppliers report no ill effects from negative PR...but
believe, though, that recent business might have been even better had there
been no such issues.
"In March. Stevens Urethane, which makes polyurethane film, sheet and
tubing, released a statement titled 'TPU Offers Safet Alternative to PVC in
IV Bags and Other Medical Devices.' It announced that thermoplastic
polyurethane is free of polasticizers and other chemicals which may pose
contamination risks. But as of late April there had been few phone calls
generated due to worries about phthalate migrartion from PVC, says
marketing manager Sam Evertt, who predicts no great move to PVC
alternatives until the medical industy demands it. 'We've received a ton of
interest, but the price of TPU is still prohibitive."


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