[GRRN] Pay-As-You-Throw Workshop in Northern California

Fri, 21 May 1999 17:31:25 EDT


Creating Incentives to Reduce Waste:=20
Implementing Pay-As-You-Throw
in Northern California=20

A Practical Workshop for Local Government Officials,
City Council Members, and Haulers=20

June 29, 1999=20
10:00 am to 4:30 pm=20
(includes lunch)=20
at the City of Woodland Council Chambers in Woodland, CA=20

Presented by:
Global Futures Foundation
United States Environmental Protection Agency=20
City of Woodland

Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) (also known as unit-based pricing, or variable
rates) is a municipal solid waste management system under which
residents pay for municipal waste management services per unit of waste
collected rather than through a fixed fee or general funds. =20
Many communities in California and across the country have already
adopted PAYT=20
programs. Studies indicate that these communities achieve significant
reductions in waste landfilled and increases in recycling. They are
that PAYT:=20
=B7 provides a direct economic incentive to reduce the amount of waste
=B7 promotes recycling and composting=20
=B7 increases awareness of environmental issues, and =20
=B7 improves the overall effectiveness of waste management systems. =20
Looking for new ways to meet the AB 939 goal for 2000? If your community
is considering PAYT or is just implementing PAYT, this workshop can help
identify why and how to go about developing a PAYT program that really
works to promote residential waste reduction and fits your community=92s
needs. =20

Our panel of experts is involved in all aspects of PAYT planning and
implementation. Brief presentations and plenty of time for questions and
answers will help you learn what you really need to know to effectively
implement Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT):=20
=B7 How to gain acceptance for PAYT among politicians and community
=B7 Implications of Proposition 218 on solid waste fees=20
=B7 Program design: container types, automated collection, overcoming
potential problems=20
=B7 Rate setting, and the political realities of setting rates that create
incentives to reduce=20
=B7 Measuring program success=20

Agenda & Panelists=20
10-10:15=09Welcome and Introductions=20
10:15-11:30=09What is PAYT? How does it work?=20
=09=09Lynn Scarlett, Reason Foundation=20
=09=09Lisa Skumatz, Skumatz Economic=20
=09=09Research Associates=20
11:30-noon=09Q & A=20
Noon-1=09Lunch (provided)=20
1-2:15=09=09Case Studies: Implementing PAYT=20
=09=09in Northern California=20
=09=09PAYT in Sacramento County: Dan=20
=09=09Regan, Sacramento County=20
=09=09Recycling Coordinator=20
=09=09PAYT in a Smaller Community:=20
=09=09Katherine Holmes, City of Manteca
=09 =09Resource Conservation Coordinator=20
=09=09Experience with PAYT in Contra=20
=09=09Costa County: Janet Schneider,=20
=09=09Executive Director, Central Costa=20
=09=09County Solid Waste Authority.=20
=09=09PAYT from a Haulers Perspective: TBA=20
2:30-3:00=09Rate Setting and Measurement of PAYT=20
=09=09Lisa Skumatz and Lynn Scarlett=20
3:00-4:00=09Roundtable Discussion=20
=09=09(all panelists)=20
=09=09Practical Experience with=20
=09=09Rate Setting and Measurement=20
4:00-4:30=09Summary and Follow up Q & A=20
=09=09Moderator: Wendy Pratt,=20
=09=09Global Futures Foundation=20
Time & Location=20
The workshop will take place Tuesday, June 29, 1999 from 10 am to 4:30
at the City of Woodland Council Chambers, 300 First Street, in Woodland,=20
CA. (Woodland is about 15 miles north of Sacramento off of I-5,
will be faxed to all registrants). Lunch is included in the $20 workshop

This workshop is made possible through funding from the United States
Environmental Protection Agency Region 9.=20
For more information, contact Wendy Pratt at Global Futures Foundation:
916-486-5999. You may sign up below by completing the information and=20
returning to wbpratt@aol.com. =20

Name:=09 =09_______________________________
City:=09 =09_______________________________
ZIP/Postal Code:___________________________=09=20
_____ Payment due at workshop=20
_____ mail a check for $20 to GFF, 801 Crocker Road, Sacramento, CA 95864