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Bill Sheehan (zerowaste@grrn.org)
Thu, 20 May 1999 05:56:13 -0400

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Date: Thursday, May 20, 1999 4:36 AM
Subject: Hello :) I love your site...

Hello, I hope you can accommodate my message in your
busy schedule!!!

I am a recent college graduate who was excited to see your
site, since in Montana there is plenty of natural beauty, but
its hard to find like-minded people! (since there aren't many
people ;)Basically your site is what I want my career to be :)I
love the professionalism, organization and the specific links
of action listed for "What You Can Do," however I was a
little disappointed that I didn't find a comprehensive
philosophy which encompasses the mindset behind these

What I mean is, I believe that to truly create a no-waste
society, we need to change education, shopping, travelling,
business interactions, living accommodations and therefore
our entire mindset. I believe that by doing this we will also
create a more intimate society, in our physical interactions as
well as our philosophy. Obviously this would be a big
change in our society and outlook, based on an integrated
and efficient society. I think all the fabulous specifics listed
in The Zero Waste Agenda point to this new interactive
society, but perhaps a truly gentle-earth and trusting society
would take it a step further...to changes in housing,
transportation and education. We would have to recognize
our shared history, present and future to realize this new
gentle society...we need each other, and we need the Earth.
"Separation is an illusion..." Isn't it time for a new
spirituality and shared religious sense? I feel the time is
coming. How else will we come to think as one with each
other, and with the Earth? Isn't this what the true goal is???

Perhaps many at Grass Roots Recycling Network feel this
way to some extent, or are familiar with this thinking, but
feel it would hinder the organization's actions and
productivity to promote, I don't know :) "Our plan is to have
hundreds of community organizers across the country
promote the Zero Waste message at the grassroots in the
Main Streets and legislative chambers of America. " This is
my personal vision for the future, but the ultimate goal is to
have us all doing these actions you promote; all.

How are we going to persuade billions of people in these
lines of action unless we can convince of the philosophy
behind it all??? "Without vision, the people perish." Don't
you think we're ready for a new interactive society that does
not allow for the extreme alienation leading to violence like
at the Littleton high school???Environmental PR is my
career, even though I have just started it. The thousands of
"environmental" jobs in the cleanup sector are headed in the
completely wrong direction, although initially it may seem
this is the best way to run environmentalism economically.
This is just a grand waste of energy!!! We need to redevelop
our thinking about society, so it IS Zero Waste. WE HAVE
between environmental groups, and most of all with the
American/world masses, which is the only way it is going to
work. :) PROMOTION, as your plan very insightfully states.

Forgive me if I am misinformed in any way, I am passionate
anyway :)

Again, Thank You for your valuable time!! ;)

Sincerely,Lisa Riedel, Montana State University graduate