[GRRN] Set-asides within buy-recycled policies

Chicago Recycling Coalition (crc@cnt.org)
Tue, 18 May 1999 17:29:27 -0500

A few weeks ago I posted a message asking for information about
buy-recycled policies among municipalities around the country. I got a
number of a very helpful responses and am following up. Many of the
policies, in addition to having a price preference mechanism, also
include a set-side goal (e.g., 65% of all paper purchased will have
recycled content by 1998).

For those who have buy-recycled policies, can you tell me what kinds of
set-asides you might have for specific materials? For example, I
understand that New Jersey's policy mandates 20% re-refined oil by 1997;
25% retread tires by 98 and 40% rubberized asphalt by 2002.

In addition, can you inform me as to what kind of fiscal impact your
policies have had so far?

Thank you in advance; feel free to respond to me directly at

Mehrdad Azemun

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