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Pat Franklin (
Mon, 10 May 1999 06:37:07 -0700 (PDT)

Keith, Frana and any one else interested in recycling in Latin America in
general and CEMPRE in particular - - - -

I hope that Keith Ripley will correct me if I am wrong, but the impression I
have gotten from CEMPRE materials I have received is that CEMPRE is
basically an 'industry front group'.

Among its 13 members are the following:
Procter & Gamble
Tetra Pak

Here is a little INFO TIDBIT from one of CEMPRE's newsletters: "Of the
22,000 metric tons of PET recycled in 1996, around 70% of this total was
derived from informal channels through scavengers (catadores) on the street
and at dumps."

I look forward to Keith's response.


Pat Franklin

At 11:00 AM 5/7/99 -0700, Keith Edward Ripley wrote:
> Frana:
> The info you seek is not easy to find in Latin America, but I
believe there are efforts underway in Brazil to generate data. In fact, it
may be the ONLY Latin American country where you will find that sort of
information. The rest of the continent is further behind the curve on
> I would suggest that you contact Ing. Andre Vilhena, Executive
Director of Compromisso Empresarial para Reciclagem (CEMPRE) (translation:
Business Commitment to Recycling). CEMPRE is probably the best single source
on recycling issues in Brazil. His e-mail is They
have a website in Portuguese and English at , but Eng.
side is less comprehensive than the Portuguese and in any case neither
addresses directly the subjects you're interested in. Vilhena's phone
number is 5511-852-5200, and his fax 5511-852-5264. While he speaks some
English, requests in Portuguese tend to get answered quicker.
> Another possible source would be to contact Helio Mattar, Director
of Industrial Policy at Brazil's Development, Industry & Commerce Ministry
(MDIC). MDIC is in the process of drawing up an industrial policy for
Brazil's recycling industry, and may have some data you can use. His e-mail
is and his phone is 5561-329-7182. The new DIC website
[] unfortunately does not yet have any info on the project.
> Good luck, and I hope your share your findings with the the
Green-yes list.
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