[GRRN] Size of the Solid Waste Industry

John Reindl (reindl@co.dane.wi.us)
Thu, 6 May 1999 18:05:27 -0600

<color><param>0100,0100,0100</param>Thanks to all who sent me responses to my question on the solid waste
industry. I think that the study that I was remembering was the report by
the US Department of Commerce on "Meeting the Challenge: U.S.
Industry Faces the 21st Century. The U.S. Environmental Industry",
September 1998, found on the web at
<underline><color><param>0000,8000,0000</param><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param>http://www.ta.doc.gov/reports.htm#MCS</underline><color><param>0100,0100,0100</param><FontFamily><param>Arial</param>

The study has very detailed charts based on 1996 data.

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