[GRRN] Fw: Take Back Laws and small Businesses

Bill Sheehan (zerowaste@grrn.org)
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 16:15:02 -0400

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Date: Friday, April 23, 1999 2:55 PM
Subject: mandatory product reclamation

RECHARGER Magazine serves the growing printer cartridge remanufacturing
industry, We have often debated whether mandatory product take-back
laws might injure the industry, as our raw materials (mainly empty
cartridges) might only be returned to the manufacturers. This could
create monopolies for the big printer companies and devastate the

This has not happened in Germany. I just returned from Berlin, where I
interviewed Berolina, a huge German remanufacturing concern. Berolina
has used the take-back laws to become a "certified reclaimer" and takes
back cartridges for companies that aren't so certified. They are a
shining example of what is great about our industry: we are good for
the environment, good for the consumer and good for the economy (we are
a $2 billion dollar industry.)

Take-back laws in the United States are a concern, however, as most of
the printer companies are based here and might be more aggressive then
they already are when it comes to controlling their aftermarket in
supplies. As many of you know, our industry has legislation pending to
outlaw or otherwise condemn such monopolization tactics and
single-use-only programs, like Lexmark's Optra S prebate program. We
have bills pending in NY, CT, CA and TX, and Mass adopted special bid

If you would like more information, please contact me.

Tricia Judge
Executive Editor
Recharger Magazine

Sue Jones
Office of Industry Advocacy for
the Printer cartridge Remanufacturing Industry